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Teamwork: Quote of the Week – June 22, 2015

In this Quote of the Week, we begin to explore the concept of teamwork.  Building teams is a challenge, but the results are what make coaching worthwhile.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

I was a math teacher for 15 years, and I can tell you that the math does not add up. The whole is the sum of its parts, and there is no such thing as giving 115% effort. However, this quote from Aristotle is the essence of teamwork. Each part of the team has its value. Each member of the team adds value, and each member has its role in the addition problem. When those parts come together, something magical happens. The group lifts each other to a higher level, and there is strength in numbers.

I have coached many teams, and I have not always been successful in achieving this level of teamwork.  I have seen how team culture affects the direction of the group.  I have watched teams deteriorate in front of me, and I have seen teams rise to greatness.  Each team presents its own challenges with its own collection of skill level, personalities, egos, expectations, and pressures from home.  The dynamics of bringing a team together is part skill, part patience, part work, and part luck.  If you are ever fortunate to experience a group that excels and pushes each other to achieve beyond expectations, take a moment to enjoy it.  It doesn’t come around every day.



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