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Are You Willing to Compete for Your Success?


To be successful, you must be willing to compete for your goals.  I stumbled upon a Pat Riley quote that has become ingrained in my DNA as a coach.  Success does not come easy and you must be prepared to face adversity if your goals are worthwhile.  The deck is rarely stacked in your favor, and if it is, is it really true success?

When you are playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. Show the world how much you will fight for the winner’s circle. – Pat Riley

We want our players to compete every day.  It is one of the key traits we look to instill in our teams.  Everyone will agree that a team willing to compete will find ways to achieve. We tell our players that nothing worthwhile will come easy.  If it were, everyone would do it.  The ones prepared to persevere against all odds are the true champions.  Many times it will take an extra effort to achieve your goals.

How hard are you willing to fight for your winners circle?

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