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Team Culture

Character and Why It Is Important to Team Culture


As a coach, we ask a lot of our players.  As leaders we ask a lot of our team members.  What is the one trait that we should look for when building the perfect team?  Character.  Professional sports do not seem to be as concerned with character as players continually use bad judgement and work […]

6 Considerations When Building Your Team

Building your team

One of the most important steps to coaching your next season is building your team. This is the first step in the process of the season, and it is fundamental to the success of an organization.  This is your team.  You will spend a great deal of time with your team members, and you want […]

Communication: How Would You Like Your Feedback?


Do you give feedback?  Do you expect feedback in return?  Do you have a feedback plan?  How do you open lines of communication within your team? Feedback is a crucial element to establishing a positive team culture as it opens the lines of communication between player and coach.  There are many ways to give feedback to […]

Developing Team Culture for High Performing Teams

Team Culture

Many youth coaches get their start because nobody else was willing to take on the responsibility, but youth coaches quickly understand that the position encompasses more than just running a few drills and rotating players at games.  The role of the youth coach is a considerable one.   The coach must take on the role […]

What is The365Coach?

Where to begin? I have been working on the idea of a sports coaching site for 15 years. I am fortunate to have made coaching my profession. I have been coaching hockey as a full-time job since 1994. Since that time, I have been studying the art of coaching and leadership, and I have come […]

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