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4 Key Steps to Plan and Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success

Every so often we need to take some time to get ourselves re-charged.  We all need to unplug for some time and enjoy time with the people who are most important in your life. A little time away is good for the soul, and for me, I am reminded why I love my profession.  Now […]

Taking Care of the Little Things for Success


Whenever we talk about leadership, we talk about big picture concepts.  I like to have a vision of the end result so that I know where I am going.  However, the big picture is made up of thousands upon thousands of small events.  It is the accumulation of these small events that shape the path […]

10 Traits of Successful Coaches, Leaders, and People


Every good leader is searching for the answers.  We are looking for the code that unlocks the passageway to leadership.  The reality is that there are no answers.  Every team or group brings a different dynamic.  Team members bring different personalities with different hot buttons.  The obstacles you will face along your journey will change […]

4 Steps to Finding Your Identity


When I first got involved with coaching, I had no idea what I was doing.  I was fresh out of college, and I used my experiences as a player to help guide team members.  I reached back into my memory of what other coaches had taught me, and I spent a lot of my coaching […]

4 Lessons to Turn Failure into Success


Why is failure important to success? How does it help us learn? What does it teach us about ourselves? Failure is important in the journey to success. It is inevitable if you are reaching high to accomplish lofty goals.  In last week’s Quote of the Week on Success and Failure, we establish the fine line […]

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