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Athlete Development

Developing Athletes Properly for Future Success

Is Winning Important to Athlete Development?


I like to win.  Even at the smallest of competition, I get a little bounce in my step when I come out victorious.  Winning has been a motivating force in my life for as long as I can remember.  I also have enough experience to understand that winning is a byproduct of the process.  I […]

How to Plan and Execute an Effective Practice

Effective Practice

You are a coach with grand ideas, and you are ready to give your best. You have a vision for your team. You have a plan for development.  You are excited to get started with your group, and the day comes for your first practice. So what do you do? I run over to 200 […]

Skill Development: 4 Steps to Building a Strong Foundation

Skill Development

Teaching is not easy an easy task.  Just knowing the material is not enough to qualify us as teachers of the game.  We must be able to deliver the material in a manner that our athletes understand, and we must develop a method for delivery and implementation. The first step in skill development for an athlete […]

The Dangers of Rushing Athlete Development

People are in such a rush, and who can blame them?  We hear about athletes committing to college scholarships as early as 7th grade.  It is hard not to find a new 9-year-old athletic sensation on YouTube.  However, rushing the athlete development process has its detrimental effects.  The headlines are filled with stories of the […]

The Specialization Dilemma

Specialization is a topic that I will write about many times here because I can’t stop wrestling with the battle of theory vs practice. In theory, specialization does not make sense. I will go on record to say that early specialization is the worst thing a parent can do to an athletic child. In practice, […]

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