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This site is designed to share insight into the craft of coaching. A good coach realizes that he is not just a coach for a small window, he is a coach 365 days a year. This website will focus on the areas of Coaching Leadership, Building Positive Team Culture, Appropriate Athlete Development, and Motivation.

Athletics provides one of the greatest classrooms for life. On the field, the court, the rink, athletes develop habits and values that they will carry with them for the remainder of their lives. It is here that we learn that success does not come without work. We learn how to be humble in victory, and how to deal with the disappointment of defeat. We learn how to function within a team environment, and we learn to put our teams and teammate’s success above our own. It is in this venue where some of the greatest memories are created, and some of the closest friendships are developed.

I have been involved in athletics as a player, coach, and program director or for over 35 years, and I am passionate about sports and the value of athletics in developing for life. I have been coaching for over 20 years. I have held leadership positions in school administration, and I have coached youth, prep school, and college teams. In that time, I have worked with great players, have coached great teams, and have won a few championships, but I am most proud of the lessons my players have learned, and the values that they have taken with them into their future endeavors.

Jamie Printz is currently the Head Boy’s Ice Hockey Coach, Girls Modified Soccer Coach, Boys Modified Lacrosse Coach and Physical Education teacher at Nichols School in Buffalo, NY. He serves as Midget Director for The Buffalo Saints Hockey Club and as a skills coach for Nichols Youth Hockey, Buffalo Bisons Youth Hockey and Amherst Youth Hockey. He also serves in Coaching Education and Player Development for New York State Amateur Hockey.  Coach Printz has recently been added as a Regional Scout for the Surrey Eagles of the British Columbia Junior Hockey League.

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About Coach Printz

Jamie Printz has been a full time teacher/coach for over 20 years. Although the majority of his time is dedicated to ice hockey, he also coaches lacrosse and soccer. Coach Printz has had the pleasure of watching over 200 of his athletes move on to play collegiate sports. He works as a skills coach for local youth organizations, works in coaching education and player development at the state level, and is a parent of two young daughters who are beginning their journeys in the world of youth sport.
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