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Month – July 2015

Raise the Bar. Reach Higher.

Raising the bar

Just over six years ago, I was in a coaching clinic listening to Red Gendron, currently the Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach of University of Maine, and he was telling a story about his time coaching with the Albany River Rats of the American Hockey League.  At the time, they were the farm team for […]

Communication: How Would You Like Your Feedback?


Do you give feedback?  Do you expect feedback in return?  Do you have a feedback plan?  How do you open lines of communication within your team? Feedback is a crucial element to establishing a positive team culture as it opens the lines of communication between player and coach.  There are many ways to give feedback to […]

4 Lessons to Turn Failure into Success


Why is failure important to success? How does it help us learn? What does it teach us about ourselves? Failure is important in the journey to success. It is inevitable if you are reaching high to accomplish lofty goals.  In last week’s Quote of the Week on Success and Failure, we establish the fine line […]

Are You Willing to Compete for Your Success?


To be successful, you must be willing to compete for your goals.  I stumbled upon a Pat Riley quote that has become ingrained in my DNA as a coach.  Success does not come easy and you must be prepared to face adversity if your goals are worthwhile.  The deck is rarely stacked in your favor, and […]

How Do We Define Success?


It is not uncommon to strive for success.  Most people want to be successful.  If we are any type of coach we want to have a successful season.  Defining success is difficult.  If you look for a definition, it is clear that there is no consensus.  The challenge is that success is like beauty, it […]

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