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Month – June 2015

The Dangers of Rushing Athlete Development

People are in such a rush, and who can blame them?  We hear about athletes committing to college scholarships as early as 7th grade.  It is hard not to find a new 9-year-old athletic sensation on YouTube.  However, rushing the athlete development process has its detrimental effects.  The headlines are filled with stories of the […]

Developing Team Culture for High Performing Teams

Team Culture

Many youth coaches get their start because nobody else was willing to take on the responsibility, but youth coaches quickly understand that the position encompasses more than just running a few drills and rotating players at games.  The role of the youth coach is a considerable one.   The coach must take on the role […]

Character: Quote of the Week – June 15, 2015

I think every hockey player who has ever played for me knows that I have a passion for all things John Wooden.  In particular I love Wooden quotes.  There will be many more revealed along the way. ” Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” – John Wooden I think this is such a […]

The Specialization Dilemma

Specialization is a topic that I will write about many times here because I can’t stop wrestling with the battle of theory vs practice. In theory, specialization does not make sense. I will go on record to say that early specialization is the worst thing a parent can do to an athletic child. In practice, […]

Teaching the Game: 4 Steps to Development

One of the most underrated and undervalued skills of a coach is the ability to teach. Teaching is not easy an easy task.  Just knowing the material is not enough to qualify us as teachers.  We must be able to deliver the material in a manner that our athletes understand, and we must develop a […]

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