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Welcome to The365Coach.  A resource for coaches by coaches on Coaching and Leadership, Athlete Development, Team Culture, Motivation, and anything on my mind about coaching.  Coaching isn’t a profession, it is a lifestyle.  It is a passion.  If done right, we can make an impact not just in a sport, but in the lives of the players you lead.  We have the opportunity to change lives.

Where Can I Find Things?

To read the most recent content, click on the Latest News tab or click on the article above.  You can find articles by category at the top of the page or read the most read posts located in the sidebar.  Subscribe to receive email updates of the most recent posts. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

When Can I Expect New Content?

Each Monday we will publish a Quote of The Week.  Look for new in-depth content to be posted on Thursdays. There will be other new mini-content posted on off days.  To ensure you don’t miss anything, you can subscribe to receive email updates at the top of the page.

How Do I Engage in the Conversation?

I would like to engage in a conversation about the topics.  I value your opinions.  Please leave a comment at the end of each post and let me know what you think.  This is for all of us and your input could spark more ideas.

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If you would like to contribute an article, have a suggestion for a topic, or if you would like to hear more on a topic, please contact us.  Join the discussion!

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About Coach Printz

Jamie Printz has been a full time teacher/coach for over 20 years. Although the majority of his time is dedicated to ice hockey, he also coaches lacrosse and soccer. Coach Printz has had the pleasure of watching over 200 of his athletes move on to play collegiate sports. He works as a skills coach for local youth organizations, works in coaching education and player development at the state level, and is a parent of two young daughters who are beginning their journeys in the world of youth sport.
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